Portal 2: The Complete Video Walkthrough

AS MENTIONED in my earlier post, I’ve launched a new YouTube Channel called SluggoTV, and my first entries are a 16-part video walkthrough of Portal 2, covering everything from the opening scene to the end credits. This was an experiment of sorts to get back into the groove of creating videos, but I’m happy with the results: there are on-screen tips explaining the harder puzzles step-by-step, as well as how-to’s for several achievements.

It’s amazing how fast YouTube has evolved over the years. I remember making my first videos in 2007, and being frustrated how the site didn’t support widescreen or HD, how videos had to be under 10 minutes and how you had to optimize your videos to be under 100MB.

Boy, has that changed. Pretty much the only thing stopping me from uploading 1080p videos now is the fact that it would me a day to upload each video. I love the new 15-minute limit, as it allowed me to cover every chapter in just one or two videos, and there are more customization options for my home channel. I’m looking forward to playing more with video in the coming weeks and months.