RB3: Pro Keys, Whipped Into Shape

If you were the kind of person who was familar with the Guitar Hero community, you’d probably recognize several names on the above scoreboard as some of the game’s earliest expert players. So I was especially shocked that I was able to take first on “Whip It,” my first song on Pro Keys. I expect the Devo classic will soon become the equivalent of the original Guitar Hero‘s “I Love Rock & Roll,” with people replaying it over and over again trying to squeeze out an extra 10 or 20 points, so I’m going to enjoy this rare stint in first while it lasts.

“Whip It” is really a great introductory song for Pro Keys, as it’s short and just has two simple parts that shift back and forth — verse and chorus. Unlike other songs that have massive sections without keyboards, “Whip It” is easy but keeps you playing the whole time. That was really just the beginning of my playtime with Pro Keys, which I have a LOT of thoughts on, but that’s best saved for another, much longer post.