Rock Band 3’s Blue Screen of Death?

See the above image? Either I’m extremely unlucky or Rock Band 3 players will soon find themselves cursing it on a routine basis, as the game has now crashed six times in that exact spot while loading.

It initially happened to me twice during my guitar playthroughs of the past few days, which I just wrote off as fluky. But now that I’ve started my vocal playthroughs, I’ve crashed four more times in the same exact spot in the span of an hour, which is just silly. It’s not a temporary lockup — I have to physically restart turn my console on and off (I’m using an Xbox 360) and to clear it up. It doesn’t happen every time I get that loading screen, but roughly one out of every three times I see it, I have to restart.

What makes this all the more frustrating is the ongoing Rock Central flakyness. I finally get a connection to the leaderboards and can see my high scores, and then the game crashes and the scoreboards are gone. And it’s not really fun to have to reset my song selection filters every ten minutes, either.

So I’m curious: is this somehow just me, which would seem bizarre for a closed system, or something that a lot of people will soon be complaining about? I’m sure we’ll get the answer over the next few days.