GH5 Update #2: Expert Guitar Completed

I’m not entirely sure what triggered it, but I have now “completed” Guitar Hero 5 on Expert Guitar, which means I’ve: seen a end cutscene; played through a final song as the credits roll; gotten the associated Achievements (200 / 1000 points total so far). I think it was completing all the songs in the next-to-last tier, which included Jeff Beck’s “Scatterbrain” and Rush’s “The Spirit of Radio” (which is a live version, but not a bad one).

But really, I feel like I’ve played about 1% of the game so far. I’ve only played 40/85 songs on one instrument, I haven’t played as part of a band or gone online, and I haven’t touched the studio or done much customization. Really, this is when the game STARTS for me: I’ll play through all the other songs, chase down 100%’s, and try to work my way into the career top 25 on the XBL leaderboards and

And so no matter how much people whine about Activision milking the franchise dry — which they’re certainly doing — I can’t get upset over it. If there weren’t 5 other games coming out in the next few months, I could play GH5 from now until Christmas and still not feel like I’d “completed” the game. And so now I head off to play the rest of the setlist on guitar, after which I’ll make one more post with my initial stats and rankings before moving on to other instruments Thursday.