Guitar Hero Smash Hits: 10 Random Song Notes

Ten notes from the Expert guitar campaign of GH: Smash Hits:

1.      “I Wanna Rock,” which appeared in GH80s as a master track — but the lower-pitched album version — has the familiar single version included in Smash Hits.

2.      Kiss’s “Rock and Roll All Nite” has no solo. Where did it go?  

3.      “Monkey Wrench” has been toughened up a bit with some tricky rhythm parts.

4.      The live version of Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” is pretty decent.

5.      The live version of Helmet’s “Unsung” is not. It sounds like a bland bar band. 

6.      The master track of “Freya” is considerably less annoying than the GH2 cover version. 

7.      “Beast and the Harlot” has been made just sliiiiightly easier, so you could actually hit the first solo.

8.      The new version of “Play With Me” has an INSANE rhythm part.

9.      If it were possible, “Psychobilly Freakout” is now twice as hard as the GH2 version.

10.  The intro madness to “Raining Blood” is harder than GH3’s version, but the “Flood” section at the end is much easier. And the final chord is pretty comical.