E3 09 Quickie: LEGO Rock Band

Before my first appointment today, I spent a little time checking out LEGO Rock Band, which has three large stages set up at the Warner Bros booth. It’s basically a reskinned Rock Band with a new batch of songs (there might be some duplicates from existing Rock Band games) and a slightly more family-friendly air about it.


Of course, everything’s been LEGO-fied, such as the notes now being little LEGO blocks and the band members all being LEGO characters. There are some little tweaks, such as a new “Super Easy” mode (essentially the same as Guitar Hero World Tour‘s “Beginner” setting, where it doesn’t matter what notes you hit) or players losing studs instead of failing out and potentially causing the band to lose a song. All existing Rock Band and Guitar Hero hardware will be compatible with the game, so you won’t have to worry about adding any new plastic controllers to your collection.

There are a ton of questions the devs aren’t answering yet. Will existing Rock Band DLC work with the game? (I’m guessing not.) What online support (if any) will it have? But otherwise, it’s clearly Rock Band through and through, and with songs like Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” Blur’s “Song 2” and Foo Fighters’ “Breakout,” I won’t be able to help but buy it when it’s released later this year.