E3 09: The Beatles Rock Band Quickies

I’ll be seeing The Beatles Rock Band game Tuesday afternoon and posting some thoughts afterward, but there was some exciting info gleaned from the trailer released today:

          Vocal harmonies! This was the single biggest innovation I was hoping we’d see confirmed for the game, but never thought they’d actually do it. No idea how it’ll work (will the multiple harmonies all tie into the vocals, or with other instruments?), but you can clearly see multiple vocal parts in the gameplay footage.

          The visual style looks fantastic. It’s still Rock Band, but slightly tweaked. The character models look creepily good, and the background animations feel just right, going through various stages of their career.

          Songs confirmed in the trailer:

o   I Saw Her Standing There

o   I Wanna Hold Your Hand

o   I Feel Fine

o   Day Tripper

o   Taxman

o   I Am The Walrus

o   Back In The USSR

o   Octopus’s Garden

o   Here Comes The Sun

o   Get Back

Also, it was announced that full-album DLC packs will be released, with “Abbey Road” up first, which is just amazing.

Finally, any journalist reporting on this game and spelling the song “Daytripper” needs to be fired on the spot. Period. I don’t care if you’re a Beatles fan or not, that takes 10 seconds to look up. Put down your pen or laptop or chisel and get a job app at KFC.