GH Metallica: Expert Bass Finished

YOU KNOW, I FORGOT how much more fun the new “open notes” make bass guitar in Guitar Hero.  I’m so used to Rock Band‘s bass being the boring stepbrother of the guitar, and I played so little of GHWT, that it took me a little while to regain the hang of strumming without holding any fret buttons down. “Disposable Heroes” may not have an insane solo on bass, but the open notes help crazy a uniquely crazy note chart that feels like way more than an easy version of the guitar chart. If you’re playing GHM, don’t just dismiss the bass campaign as a waste of time — you might actually find it more fun than the guitar charts.

So all I have left now is the drum campaign, and then multiplayer and full band achievements, which I’ll be getting to Monday before posting my review. Although the game still doesn’t feel as polished as Rock Band, it’s a lot more fun than GHWT so far.