GH Metallica: Expert Vocals Beaten

AFTER WHIPPING THROUGH THE GUITAR CAMPAIGN, I decided to do the Expert vocal campaign to see how it might have been tweaked since GHWT. There are a few welcome tweaks, like the multiplayer locater being moved to the left so it’s easier to see, or the way your % is completed, so you automatically get 100% if you get “Excellent” on every phrase.

But the thing I don’t understand is why there still isn’t a vocal meter that fills up each measure to show you how close you are to maintaining your streak or not. This was by far the biggest complaint the expert vocal community had with the vocal system, and I can’t imagine it would have been that big a deal to implement. If you can put in a meter that tracks how close you are to the next star rating (which is a nice addition), this should have made the cut somewhere.