GH Metallica: Expert Guitar Beaten!

IT ONLY TOOK 16 SONGS and less than 2 hours, but I just completed Guitar Hero: Metallica‘s Expert guitar campaign. Before anyone freaks out and thinks “WTF! How short is the game?,” the reality is that Neversoft added something really smart here: the ability to zoom through the campaign as fast or slow as you want.

The 49 songs are spread out over 7 or 8 arenas of 5-10 songs each, and you only need to complete 2-3 songs in each area to move on. So you’re never screwed by something like “Raining Blood,” and you’re never stuck playing some long-ass Ted Nugent song. The campaigns in the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games have always been sort of artificial roadblocks standing in the way of people enjoying the game the way they want, and I think this approach is an extremely elegant solution.

Aestetically, I really like the look of the Metallica characters — the animations are still weird, but the models look eerily close to Hetfield, Ulrich and the others. The opening scene that opens the campaign is kinda cool, but otherwise the game features the same type of animated cutscenes that debuted in GH3.

At this point, I’m torn as to what to do next. Do I keep playing guitar? Do I try out vocals? Do I start shooting videos? There’s just so much to do here that I could easily spend a week getting an initial feel for it all before even looking for a expert band. Good stuff so far.