Guitar Hero: Metallica Arrives! (+Hyperspeed)

AFTER 4 YEARS of plastic guitar games, the one I’ve wanted the most — and I know I’m not alone — has finally arrived. Guitar Hero: Metallica is now sitting in my Xbox 360, and I’ll be spending a good part of the next few days taking videos and doing some strategy guides for it.

The first thing I had to do was unlock the Hyperspeed “cheat,” which speeds up the fretboard and actually makes it easier to see separation between the notes in crazy solos, which helps your brain — well, my brain, at least — recognize patterns that might otherwise look like random clusters of notes. For people who don’t visit ScoreHero regularly, you can activate Hyperspeed by opening up the cheats menu and entering GBRYYRGG.  This allows you to choose 5 different settings for Hyperspeed, and you can even use different settings for different instruments, which is something I’d love to see Rock Band add.

There’s also a code to turn the fretboard black — YRGRGRRB — which would have been useful in GH Aerosmith, where it was sometimes hard to notice the blue notes on the blue Aerosmith background. The code I don’t see around yet, however, is an Unlock All cheat, which is a necessity for parties where people haven’t gone through the campaign. There was a Quickplay unlock code in GHWT, so I have to believe one will pop up sooner or later.