WoW: Angling For a Realm First

No Battle Plan Survives Contact With The Enemy

A few hours before launch, I started to get things into place. I had my engineer create a bunch of +150 fishing lures, and my alchemist create a few stacks of Captain Rumsey’s Rum (+10). I had my +5 fishing hat and +40 pole from the STV derby, giving me an effective starting skill over 725. There was nothing from the beta indicating a higher skill level would produce faster skillups, but it seemed like a smart move anyway.

I parked my angler in Ironforge near the fishing trainer, just in case some doofuses tried to block the Stormwind trainer at midnight. Once the expansion went live, I’d train, use my Tol Barad tabard to port to the Baradin base camp, fish to 595 or so, and return to Stormwind to turn in my fishing daily and get my last few points. If Tol Barad didn’t work out, I’d use TwiHi as a backup, and in a worst-case scenario, Stormwind. A decent plan, I thought.

Ten minutes to midnight, I made my final preparations. I threw some popcorn in the microwave, took a bathroom break and settled in for two hours of hot! fishing! action! At 11:57, knowing that previous expansions have always required a logoff/logon to kick in, I loaded up a different character, waiting for the server message that Pandaria was live.

Except it was already live.

Confused, I looked at the in-game clock, which now read 11:58. Below it, a new quest telling me to go to Stormwind Keep to start my Pandaria adventure. I quickly switched to my fisherman, hoping the login server wouldn’t pick that moment to crash. I arrived in Ironforge to find that indeed, I could train the new fishing skill. I threw on my tabard and ported my ass to Tol Barad as fast as possible.

Hilariously, the TB base camp was flooded with people who’d banked daily quests in advance, turning them in now for a small XP boost to get them started towards 86. I have no idea if any of them noticed the guy in the fishing hat run to the cliffs and jump off, but if they did, they didn’t say anything. So, still a little thrown by the early start, I got to work.

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